Since his incarceration began, Dror has tried to remain as optimistic as possible and has explored every avenue available to be productive in his situation. Thanks to the incredible support of Dror's family and friends, he has grown into a mature and responsible adult. While on the Darrington unit, Dror was able to co-organize and lead weekly and holiday Jewish services. He also contacted and helped to arrange religious volunteers to offer lessons to the Jewish inmates on the unit. Dror was also granted the opportunity to study under Brady Beck, a master leatherworker and saddle maker. This has enabled Dror to become a professional leatherworker. Since being moved to the Stringfellow Unit, Dror completed a Blackstone University course in becoming a paralegal and certified legal assistant. He is also involved in the Enhanced Jewish Program at the Stringfellow Unit . This program includes the only kosher kitchen in the Texas Correctional System, and Dror has been leading services there for the past two years. Furthermore, Dror has been working on attaining an associates degree in Liberal Arts from Alvin Community College and will soon try to attain another degree. Dror has survived and accomplished so much with the help of his parents, brothers, extended family and close friends, and the kindness of all that have written to him and helped in his cause. He sincerely believes that with the help of God, he will soon start his life anew as a free man.

On May 21, 2012, Dror graduated with an associate's degree from Alvin Community College.

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